Pakistan Government Crushes Militants

For the first time, General Musharraf’s government has actually done something to halt the spread of extremism in Pakistan by allowing his armed forces to seize control of a madrassa which was the center of extremist followers. In the bloody battle for control over 60 militants were killed.

The real problem is not simply taking over a madrassa which spouts extremism and violence, but getting to the source of the problem– Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi fundamentalists who dominate religious life in Saudi Arabia have been drawing upon its oil money to fund madrassa’s like the Pakistan one in order to propogate its form of religious extremism. Saudi Arabia has poured billions into such school throughout the Muslim world, and thousands of their graduates are fighting against moderate Muslims or against American soldiers. Bush boasts of his oil friends in Saudi Arabia who fund schools which teach hatred of Christianity and then Bush claims he is a born again Christian. With Christians like this in charge, pity Christians in the Muslim world.