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Some of you may have heard about it, others maybe not, but in case you’ve missed it, Fred and I have decided to give away 50 free signed copies of his latest book, Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell.

Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell has begun to garner much more attention and praise, however, we still need your help to make it a bestseller this fall. Plain and simply, what we’re willing to do is offer 50 signed copies for free, and in exchange all we ask you to do is to write and post an honest review on within 2 weeks of receiving your copy. That’s it. However, if you’d like to post your review on other websites as well, that would be great too.

Why are we doing this? Your opinion of the book is what’s going to make it or break it, but a void of that opinion leaves fellow readers scratching their heads in deciding on what to do. Think of how many people purchase books based solely on recommendation. We know that we’ve done it more than once before. And won’t it be great to say that you played an instrumental role in making Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell the next bestseller?

How are we going to choose the 50 people? That’s the easy part…it’s completely random. On Tuesday, August 28th, we will notify the 50 eligible people who have been selected.

How can one be entered into this random selection? Again, very simple…if you are 18 or older just email David at with a link to your Amazon profile so that we can verify that you actually do have an account with them, and title the subject line with Free Don & Dick Book Review Giveaway. We should point out that any International friends outside of the US will have to cover the cost of shipping only because we do not have the monetary means to do so. Our apologies for this, but understand we don’t want anyone to be excluded.

Don’t know how to find your Amazon profile? Once again, very easy. Follow this link: Your Profile; Then look under the top section titled “To edit your personal details” and you will see a link to “Your Profile.” Once you’ve followed that and signed-in, just copy the URL address and you’re done. But if you come across any problems please don’t hesitate to ask for help, we’re more than happy to.

How long is this giveaway running for? Good question. We unfortunately have to put a time limit on this, so everyone has until midnight on August 27th. We will contact the 50 random recipients the following day, as well as post the results online so that we all know who is responsible for writing a review (obviously their contact information will not be posted or made public).

If you have any questions regarding any part of this please feel free to contact David at

Thanks again everyone for such great support and feedback, and we are positive you will love Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell (pun intended).

P.S. Just so everyone is clear about this, we will not sell, rent, lease, loan, or give away anyone’s information. We may send a follow-up email after the 50 recipients are chosen regarding Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell, but that will be it, and if you request to not be contacted please let us know and we will make sure that you do not receive anything else from us from that point on.

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