South Korea Beef Riots Continue

Among the great mysteries to people in the United States of America is the outbreak of riots and demonstrations against importation of beef from our nation. As a people we feel responsible for the inept behavior of our president who has caused so much turmoil throughout the world by his disastrous policies in the Middle East and his refusal to respect our Constitution, but– beef? Exactly, what is the beef by South Koreans regarding American beef? Tens of thousands of South Korean automobile workers have gone on strike to protest the importation of American beef on grounds it is somehow connected to mad cow disease. As far as we know here in the mid-west, there has not been a reported outbreak of mad cow disease anywhere around these parts.

We gather that American beef is much cheaper than beef that originates in South Korea which may account for some aspect of the riots. An automobile worker was quoted as saying the strike was “not a political strike, but is aimed to protect our health.” There really is a simple solution– don’t buy American beef and live a healthy more expensive life. Strikes and demonstrations are simply a storm in a teacup having no rationale other than mass hysteria.