What Exactly is God’s View on Gays?

Police in Jerusalem are poised for violent attacks upon gays who are attempting to hold their annual parade. The Jewish religious right believes gays and lesbians are a loathsome abomination and anathema to Torah values. Last year they attacked people in the parade and there are numerous examples in the past few days of their attacks on gays, gay bars, etc… Religious centered MPs have proposed legislation in the Knesset to give municipality power to ban such parades.

As someone raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, I am furious at any attack upon Jewish people. As far as I know, there are Jewish gays and lesbians in Israel. As a child I was confused when adults told me “God” would not allow me to eat this food or dress that way or marry a non-Jew. I assumed God accepted all life forms as his children. The Torah, like the Koran, or any bible of a religious group was written by humans, not God. I have always accorded to God the power to determine his beliefs and values. As far as I know, God has not sent any thunder bolts about gays and lesbians. I suspect, he might want to send one for the bigots who spread hate toward fellow Jews.

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