YouTube Video Gets 9 Year Old to ManchesterUnited

Rhain Davis’ grandfather sent a You Tube video of the 9 year old boy playing soccer in Australia and the famous Manchester United team decided to recruit the boy. OK, what about me sending a video of a baby in the crib displaying excellent hand-eye coordination, does that get the kid to England? At some point, don’t we have to say hold off and let children just be children?

A few years back I was walking through a park in St. Louis and came to a ball field where kids were getting ready for a game. A father shouted at the boys: “Knock it off, did you think you came here to fool around?” Thank God I was raised in the Depression when we just played. Oh, by the way, a football consisted of yesterday’s newspaper folded up and held together with a rubber band. Believe it or not, we came to play and fool around.