A Headscarf Too Far?

An important issue for the people of Turkey is whether conservative Islamists will impose their religious ideas upon secular people in society. Historically, the secular concept of a modern Turkey was predicated on the concept of separation of church and state. The issue of women wearing the headscarf repeatedly has created problems. Secularists fear any weakening of current bans on wearing the headscarf in colleges will lead to some form of religious victory over secularism. The Student Selection and Placement Center decided to make a change in how one applies for college by bending the rule on filling out the enrollment form. From now on the sentence will read that a photo must accompany an application, and the “photo should be a maximum of six months old, taken face forward with head (leave out “uncovered”) and should allow easy identification of the candidate.”

There has not been mass arrests of secular folk, the sun is still shining up in the sky. Certainly, the world of Turkey can exist with females who wear a headscarf.