A Stranger In One’s Homeland-Afghanistan!

The Bush Wars of the Middle East have created a new generation of refugees ranging from Christians forced to flee Iraq to Afghans compelled to seek safety from the Bush “freedom and democracy” Afghanistan. Sahar Jahish, who lives in the Netherlands, recently returned to her native Afghanistan and was surprised to see women in the streets, a far cry from the land she left. The piercing looks from men impacted a woman attired in western dress and she even considered putting on a burqa. “They say women have been kept at home for a long time and men are not used to seeing women in the streets. It’s impossible for me to comprehend. This may sound stranger, but after experiencing this, I can understand why Afghan women wear a burqa.”

There is no question Afghanistan has changed due to the invasion. The real question is the depth of this change and how quickly the old ways will return once the Taliban gain power. It appears, despite billions spent on rebuilding Afghanistan, the change may be cosmetic. Is Afghanistan ready for Democracy, a la Bush style?