Amnesty International Defies Vatican

According to The Independent, Amnesty International will create a furor by stating at its current Mexico meeting of intentions to place victims of rape who require abortions as falling within its guidelines of human rights. This shift in policy may stem from the thousands of rap victims in Darfur. Cardinal Martino of the Pontifical Council for Justice said if Amnesty International takes such action it would require individual Catholics and organizations to “withdraw their support” from Amnesty International. He also accuses Amnesty International of being hypocritical because it opposes the death penalty while sanctioning abortions.

Every so often, it becomes apparent the Catholic Church is unable to confront contemporary reality. Thousands of women have been brutally raped in Darfur. Their culture makes it impossible for these women to have children and then hope to marry. Pious statements like those of Martino fall on deaf ears as far as the women are concerned. The issue is whether or not the needs of women are more important than a church doctrine.