An Icelandic Salute To Women On Mother’s Day

Heather Neale, a Canadian of Icelandic birth, recalls her school days when boys like the bully, Billy Moskowitz, threw sand at girls, and there was gender segregation when teachers divided students into a line of girls and a line of boys and made certain girls did not do the physical activities common to boys.

She said the idea that girls were equal to boys came from family influences and life in the beauty salon where the women earned money and helped keep the family together in times of financial stress. “The point is, with these women around me growing up, women like Amma, who ran a business and raised four children all in the same 1,500-square footed space, or my mother who worked as a teacher librarian for 30 years, and became known the world over for her sprinting ability (attending multiple Commonwealth games and placing fourth overall), I had no reason to think I couldn’t grow up to be anything I wanted.

So, with the countdown to Mother’s Day in effect, and Iceland’s parliamentary election taking place this month (Iceland’s government, incidentally, is proud to have been the first in the world to elect a woman as head of state), I thought it appropriate to craft a salute to women everywhere.”

Information from Logberg Heimskringla