Anglican Bishops Threaten Split With Liberals

Senior Anglican bishops who are disturbed by efforts of the more liberal wing to make significant changes in the composition of the church are threatening to take action against leaders of the liberal wing such as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Many conservative bishops are refusing to attend the annual meeting in Lambeth as a mark of their protest against the leadership of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Michael Nazir Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, is among the leaders of the conservative revolt and he denounced the Archbishop of Canterbury’s “revisionist leadership.” Major issues of conflict revolve around the liberal desire to allow gays to be members of the clergy and to accept women in church leadership positions. The Rev. Peter Akinola, who is Archbishop of Nigeria, and a leading conservative, warned against “modern cultural and revisionist leadership.”

The conflict within the Anglican church is seen in just about all modern churches as some people resist the winds of cultural change in the world.