Anti-Abortionists Seek Victory in England

A bill was introduced into Parliament requiring women seeking an abortion to obtain counseling for possible mental or physical damage that might occur if they followed through with the procedure. Naturally, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has chimed in with warnings to Catholic MPs that any failure on their part to support such legislation might result in denial of communion.

I do not wish to come across as facetious but no one requires women to seek counseling for breast enlargement or surgical procedures on their body for the purpose of beauty enhancement. There are numerous examples of women who suffered physical and mental damage from such surgery. I am appalled that a member of the clergy living in a society which promotes free speech and the right of members of Parliament to make decisions based on their conscience will become the Decider as to what is the correct decision. I am confused as to how a member of any clergy can deny a member of his congregation the right to pray within the church. I have a hunch God just wants us to pray to the Almighty and does not believe any human has the Almighty right to decide on prayer issues.
The Independent, June 4, 2007 “Catholic Cabinet Ministers Under Pressure Over Anti-Abortion Bill”