Archbishop Of Canterbury Fears Schism Over Gays

We publish today two articles dealing with the rights of gays and lesbians which suggests the issue of human rights for those whose sexual orientation differs from the majority is gaining momentum among those who are concerned with the issue of equal rights for all people. The Archbishop of Canterbury has attempted to bury his head in a rather deep hole hoping when it is extracted the prospect of gay clergy will have disappeared into the black hole of indifference. A vote in the American Episcopal Church on gay bishops threatens to tear asunder the entire Anglican church since many factions oppose the very thought of a gay bishop. The Archbishop has hoped to impose a cease fire which would leave the issue to simply lay there with no thought it is alive.

It is clear the American Episcopal church wants to move on and deal with an issue that deals with human rights. We live in the age of Obama when a man with black skin can be president. Why should we be upset if a man likes another man? Jesus Christ did not come for straight men and women, he came for all humans.