Bachmann Not Gay Over Child Encounter!

Michele Bachmann has principles. She does not believe  anyone who is gay or lesbian is all there-in terms of  being a real human being. She loves children and has surrounded herself with many adopted ones which proves she does understand how to talk with a child. However, yesterday, she met an 8 year old boy who ruined her entire day. Elijah approached Bachmann at a book signing activity and blurted out: “my mommy, Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay, but she doesn’t need fixing.” Bachmann had been leaning over the table hugging the boy, but when he uttered the magic word of , “gay,” the Minnesota congresswoman, stood up, glared at the woman behind the boy and mumbled, “bye, bye.”

Supporters of Bachmann claim the entire  episode was staged to embarrass her. The woman insists her son wanted to say something. The central issue is not whether or not the boy was coached, as always the issue is individual rights.  Bachmann and Republicans insist “the government” should not interfere with the individual rights of businessmen, but when it comes to rights of any individual to control his or her  body,  Bachmann wants “the government” to intrude and tell individuals what they can or cannot do.

There is a word for Michele Bachmann–HYPOCRISY!