Bank Robbers Strap Bomb On Teller

Bank robbers burst into the home of a bank teller, strapped a bomb around his body and warned it would explode if he contacted police. They drove him to the bank and warned his father was at home and would be killed if they were captured. He entered the bank, got some money, went outside, gave the money to the robbers and they took off. This idea has some interesting possibilities. What if we taped a copy of the Constitution on the bodies of Tea Party members and warned them if they failed to adhere to the actual words of the Constitution– not their interpretation of it– the Constitution would burst into flame due to the hot air coming out of their mouths. Or we could strap a truth machine to the body of Sarah Palin and each time she told another stupid lie, it would shout, “Palin is a damn liar!!”

Of course, it would also be interesting if we strapped a recording on the body of Barack Obama which contained his election battle promises made in the fall of 2008. For each failure to adhere to a promise he would get the goose.