Be A Black Male, Prepare For Death

Over the course of forty hours two black males were murdered, not ‘killed’ by member of police forces. Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside a  fast food place when somehow, he got police in the St. Paul area to arrive, assault him, thrust him to the ground, and then as one officer held his hand, and the other cop shot him dead.Meanwhile in Baton Rouge was in a car that was stopped by two cops. We have a video in which the young black male speaks in polite terms to the cops, and apparently is cooperating.

He was asked to produce his driver license and as he reached into his jacket to get it, cops at the window blasted away claiming he was reaching for a gun. Mr. Castile is now dead. The two police officers are alive and well. What now will happen?

1. A study of what happened.

2. The two cops will be  placed on administrative leave.

3. The two officers will be paid their salaries.

4. The black male is dead.

5. A Grand Jury will hear testimony.

6. It will render a decision.

7. There will be a trial.

8. Officers will  prefer a judge hearing the case.

9. The judge will rule “insufficient evidence” for conviction.

10. The President will bemoan gun violence.

11. Republicans will repeat over and over, we must protect cops.