Binders Of Gals

Psst… Mr. Romney, cae to buy one of my binders which are filled with women?Honest, Mitt, I can get these women for you and it will not cost a cent. I want to make certain that you know these are good solid white gals and I even threw in a few darkies so you can boast of being multicultural. Only a Republican candidate can go around boasting he has a binder filled with women. Of course, it might be nice to actually know some qualified women folk, but how could one who spent his years in corporate rooms get to know qualified females. Not too many around Bain offices.

Mitt is an equal opportunity guy. Men belong at the top of all important jobs and women fetch the coffee. I wonder if Mitt has any binders filled with the names of men? The one certainty in life is that by electing Mitt Romney as president one will get what is being advertised. A man who seeks binders filled with names. Of course, it is one thing to have binder names and another to know real women.