Boko Bonkers Over Sharia Law

Followers of Boko Haram believe they have found the truth and the truth is that other Nigerians do not know the truth. In a country which is fairly evenly divided between Christians and Muslims, Imam Abukabar Shekau wants infidels to know of his determination to impose Truth upon non-believers. He rejected government offers to negotiate a peace settlement after his Boko Haram thugs and killers had murdered hundreds of people-in the name of Truth. This supposed “religious leader” is ready to kill and kill and kill in the name of Truth.

“Of Nigerian forces are going to places of worship and destroying them like mosques and Quaanic schools, you have primary schools, you have secondary schools, you have universities and we will start bombing them.” He also threatened to kill wives and children of government officials. His goal is simple: Nigeria becomes a Muslim state ruled by Sharia law. If not, death and destruction. That is The  Truth in action.