Box Score On Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is now in the ninth year and within a few months it will be ten years since American troops entered the country in search of Osama bin Laden. So, what is the result of this war? Did anything get accomplished? Was it a waste of time? About 2,700 American and NATO soldiers have died in this war and thousands of others were wounded. Somewhere between 15,000–34,000 Afghans have died, most at the hands of insurgent. There is no question lives of women have improved as a result of foreign intervention. About 28% of legislators in Parliament are female, there are hundreds of women judges, and most girls are in schools. Under Taliban rule only about 8% had access to health care, but today over 60% are part of some health system.

So, is the box score worth the death of thousands? At which point, do Americans feel a sense of pride in their war effort? The major problem is abandoning Afghans to Taliban rule means misery and death to thousands.