Bunga Bunga Bounces Off Vatican Rules

Karina ElMahroug is a young lady who was provided opportunities by the prime minister of Italy to become an outstanding dancer. Silvio Berlusconi enjoys women, he particularly enjoys young women, in fact, he particularly enjoys young women who have stripped away their attire in order to reveal to the world their true naked selves. Karina was 17 when she first came to attention to the man who enjoys women. Berlusconi took her aside and urged participation in a dance that was called the Bunga Bunga. As she told the Italian police, “all the girls were naked during the bunga bunga, and I had the feeling they were competing with each other to make Berlusconi notice them by performing more and naked sexual acts.” For some strange reason, Vatican officials apparently do not believe such acts are in accord with the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI has not yet commented about the bunga bunga but he did recently say that public officials must “rediscover their spiritual and moral roots.”

Look at it this way. We humans in the Garden of Eden were naked. So, when Berlusconi asks a girl to become naked he simply is getting back to his human roots. Frankly, we can assume Adam and Eve must have fooled around a bit or how could we be who we are today? In other words, the bunga bunga is a return to basic principles of the Catholic Church.