Burma Military Junta Sanctions Rape of Chin Women

The Burmese Army is committing open savage and rampant sexual violence against ethnic Chin women. They are so confident of their ability to brutalize these women that rapes have been done in public and witnesses have even seen women killed. It is estimated at least a third of women are being gang-raped. In one case a woman was stripped naked and tied to a cross in an act of mockery by the soldiers towards the Chins, who frequently adhere to the Christian religion.

According to Cheery Zahau, coordinator of the Women’s League of Chinland, “These horrors are sanctioned by the state in Burma. Rape committed by Burmese soldiers is acceptable and there is no action taken even if the victims file a report.” She reported a case in February in which four teenage girls were gang-raped by Burmese soldiers and the girls were then arrested when news of the event leaked to the foreign press.
Information from the Mizzima News

The American government and media has basically remained silent about atrocities being committed in Myanmar where a military junta has ruled the nation for over 40 years. China, in particular, has extensive trade with Myanmar and has threatened to veto any action proposed by the UN Security Council.