Christian Church Cannot Accept Discrimination

Archbishop Jukka Paarma, speaking at the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, bluntly told clergymen that anyone who refuses to work with a female minister should seek other kinds of employment within the church. He said recent situations in which a conservative minister refused to officiate at services with a female minister would not be tolerated. “A minister is there for the congregation and if the congregation has chosen both male and female ministers, it is not an individual minister’s business to sort out his colleagues into those he accepts and those he does not.”

Synod representative Lasse Marjokorpi was surprised and shocked by Paarma’s comments. “I naturally accept female clergy as individuals, while finding the ordination of women theologically incorrect and being against the word of God.” Even though the ordination of women was approved in 1986, a small minority of male clergy still opposes their ordination. Women now constitute one-third of ministers in the church.
Information from Sanomat, Helsinki

People believe God created men and women, but just didn’t want women working in certain occupations. I have often wondered why God has this attitude.