Christian Democrats Seek to Make Abortion Difficult

The Christian Democrat Party of Sweden (actually, they are closer to an American version of a conservative political organization) is seeking to revise current abortion regulations, which allow women to have an abortion up to the 22nd week in exceptional situations as long as the National Board of Health & Welfare grants permission. A large group within the Christian Democratic party wants to reduce from 18 to 12 weeks for abortions that can be performed without seeking permission. Ironically, the leadership of this political party opposes a large sector of the membership.

Sweden has been welcoming women for years from other nations who are seeking an abortion. Last year for the first time in decades the conservatives gained power in Sweden and now are raising the abortion issue. Their behavior is quite like that of Republicans who believe all of life’s problems can be resolved if women are denied the right to an abortion. I never hear anti-abortion advocates fighting to make men financially responsible for impregnating a woman or in any way responsible for anything. A human body belongs to the person of the body, not to any government authority.
Information from The Local