Christie An Innocent Man, We Think

There have been scandals that involve high ranking figures in the history of American politics. Ordinary, these events are examined by legal authorities or by some impartial commission appointed by someone so it is not surprising that Governor Chris Christie might wind up being exonerated of any illegal act in the infamous lane closing case involving the George Washington Bridge. Questions have been posed as to what did he know, when did he know and why didn’t he know? All legitimate questions to pose a man seeking to become president of the United States of America. So, what did the Governor of New Jersey do in order to ascertain the truth?

He asked a law firm that works for him to conduct the study. It is shocking to report, that his law firm concluded the governor was completely innocent of any illegal conduct. Lawyers say there is simply no evidence that he was in on the entire escapade. These intrepid investigators do not have a clue as to why the lanes were closed. In other words, one day some of his aides got the idea to create chaos on the bridge,but why they did it is simply a mystery to be solved.

I wonder if criminals in New Jersey get to select the jury? Oh, there is a possibility, just a possibility that Christie might have received information, but that will not be left for anyone to learn.