Colbert To Rescue Of Republicans!

After months of blather by a group of low grade morons pretending to seek the Republican nomination for president, a figure has emerged who towers over these intellectual pygmies–STEVEN COLBERT. The man who admits he is a comedian, unlike the crowd who debate, Colbert has decided to throw his name into the ring and fight to win the nomination for president in South Carolina. On his show, Colbert asked; “Nation: What do you think? Should I run for President in South Carolina?” and was greeted by cheers.

Since he was seeking the Republican nomination, Colbert insisted that he first had to pray to God.”Okay, God’s good with it. But obviously, I still have to go home and talk it over with my money.” Who else does a Republican seek for advice? At this point, Colbert is a point ahead of Jon Huntsman, but, hopefully, by next Tuesday he can surge ahead of Newt and Mitt.

Finally, the American people have an intelligent choice.