Colin Powell Finally Wises Up

Colin Powell is a decent man who only wanted to serve his country. His reward was to be insulted and humiliated by the Bush administration including forced to make a speech that was a pack of lies. It has taken time, but Colin Powell is finally finding his voice and speaking out publicly about erroneous policies.

He was the author of the famous “don’t ask, don’t speak” policy which allowed gays to serve as long as everyone pretended they did not exist. Now, Powell, is rethinking his original concept and stating the need to change the policy because American society is much ahead of the military in being receptive to gay rights. It takes some courage to admit one had an idea that made little sense. It also is refreshing to discover General Powell is dead set against the Guantanamo Bay prisons and insists they be dismantled and prisoners tried in the American justice system. I am certain Fox News and Ann Coulter will shortly be declaring Powell a friend of terrorists.