Dictators Hand Out Awards

Guinea President Obian Nguema Mbasgo is among the longest lasting dictators on the continent of Africa. He lords over a nation in a manner that South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes as a “well documented record of human rights abuses.” Most people in his land lack access to electricity or clean water. So, what doe sour Beloved Leader offer: a $3 Million UNESCO prize for International Research in Life Sciences. I assume, given his record, he seeks those who know how to improve killing off people.

Of course, UNESCO could offer other international prizes:

The International Medal for eliminating the most opponents of the government of Vladimir Putin  without being caught.

The International Medal for Silencing Opponents by Placing them in jail which certainly would go to leaders of China.

The International Medal for making the Most Ignorant Statements concerning foreign affairs which will  be jointly held by Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and Ron Paul who will be allowed to retain this medal in his home.

The International Medal for destroying private property of Muslims which goes to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,