Did US Journalists Endanger Koreans?

I confess that my initial reaction to the capture of two American journalists on the border of North Korea was fury these individuals were stupid enough to wander close to the border of a dangerous nation. Laura Ling and Euana Lee have returned home to a warm welcome and some adulation after former President Clinton got them released from a North Korean prison. However, few ask important questions such as why were they close to the North Korean border? A clandestine network which helps smuggle out North Koreans is now endangered by the blunders of these two foolish women! It appears North Korean authorities might have gained access to important information about those running the network.

The two incompetent “journalists” were specifically asked not to photograph the faces of children they were interviewing and there is evidence they disregarded that warning. According to Tim Peters, a missionary who overseas aid work in north-east China their actions were irresponsible.

How about you intrepid journalists who want to get a good story leave the innocent out of your desire for fame and fortune.