Don’t Mess With White Castle!

There are many issues we confront in our daily lives, but when it comes to assaulting my White Castle hamburgers that is a step too far for any decent hard working New Yorkers. I was raised in the world of 5 cent White Castle hamburgers and ordering at least six was normal for a teenager preparing to go off with some gorgeous Brooklyn girl. So, it was no surprise to me that two Brooklyn boys are in the process of preparing to sue the New York City Police Department for seizing their White Castle hamburgers. The two young men had purchased a bagful of White Castle hamburgers and were exiting their taxi when they encountered police officer Angelo Pizzaro who was in the process of arresting two looters. As our two heroes attempted to get around the police man, he suddenly halted the criminal proceeding against the looters, caught a glimpse of the bag, smelled the fragrant aroma of the White Castle hamburgers and then confiscated them on the ground the two young me were impeding his work.

The two residents of Brooklyn were charged with impeding police in the line of work, but the last they saw of the White Castle hamburgers was Police Officer Pizzaro heading away with them along with two criminals. They want reimbursement for the White Castle hamburgers. As of this date, the city of New York took their White Castles and enjoyed them. We were unable to locate the White Castles but assume they now reside inside the stomach of a policeman who works for the New York City Police Department.