Drop Amnesty International Support Urges Cardinal

Cardinal Renato Martino of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council urged Catholics to cease donating money to Amnesty International because that organization has changed its policy and will now advocate for abortion rights in cases of females being raped. The Cardinal claimed AI had turned its back on human rights by expressing support for abortions in cases of rape.

For the record, Amnesty International did not come out in support of abortion in all cases. They were specific in supporting abortion when women were raped or became pregnant due to incest or in cases where a birth would endanger their health. AI was responding to horrific cases in Darfur where janjaweed terrorists are engaging in mass rape of women. I assume Cardinals in the Vatican read newspapers so how could they avoid knowing what is transpiring in Darfur and the horror being inflicted upon women by rapists who kill, mutilate and destroy homes and crops? Are the Cardinals at all in touch with reality? Frankly, I was surprised Amnesty International did not support abortion, but restricted their backing to specific examples such as rape or incest. Insensitive attitudes such as refusing to assist AI in their struggle to help the women of Darfur and elsewhere who are being physically violated will have only one result — loss of support for the Catholic Church by Catholics.