Father Kills Three Daughters In Pakistan

It was a one paragraph story about a father in a small town in Pakistan who took his three daughters ranging in age from six to one to the Kali Mata Temple. He performed some religious rites to a goddess, and then calmly took each girl and slit the throats of his daughter. No one apparently witnessed the event. An hour or so later someone came to the scene of the murders and found the bodies of the children together with that of their father who had also slit his throat. The story does not illustrate any profound insight into the human condition, it is about the death of three little girls, and a father, who preferred them dead than alive.

Such stories undoubtedly occur more than we wish to know. For some reason, there are humans on this planet who believe God or a Goddess seeks death over life. I have no idea of the origin of this concept but it is found in numerous religions. Why would God want death when according to all religions God is the Creator, not the Destroyer?