Finally–A Turkish Compromise On Headscarf Ban

After years of controversy and concern it appears two key Turkish political parties have found a way to finally resolve the ban on wearing a headscarf in their country’s universities. The original ban stemmed from efforts of secular minded Turks to halt efforts of religious hardliners who were attempting to force all females to wear the headscarf. The Justice and Development Party which currently holds power had promised to end the ban. Yesterday, it agreed with leaders of the opposition National Movement Party to insert the following two sentences into Article 10 of the constitution:

‘In all their actions, state institutiions and administrative officers shall observe the principle of equality before the law.”

“No one shall be deprived of their right to a higher education because of their apparel.”

Hopefully this finally potects both secular and religious rights.

P.S. This blog attempted to access an article in today’s Zaman which described the discovery of a mass grave in Turkey. We believe the information is being blocked because the grave may be that of Armenian victims of the genocide against them. This is an hypothesis and we can not prove the validity of our hunch.

  • journeyer58

    We have again, the remnants of man’s inhumanity to man. What is it going to take to change the world’s view of the other? We are not all that different under the skin. Yes, we wish different forms of government, that will stay off the backs of its people. Yes, we are all looking for a better life for our children, but what we are not looking for is, another government, any government, especially the US government, to bomb us while we sleep. We are not looking for civilian injured and dead from a lack of communication with another country or a “coalition of the willing,” who want to ensure an ever-expanding flow of carbon-emitting fossil fuels, to feed our ever-shrinking form of economy. In the close future, the next presidency in fact, we the American people must insist on reform of our economy, that reform being the removal of an oil-based, greenhouse gas emitting planet polluting economy, to an economy based upon, renewable and reliable sources of fuel, not based upon the whims of our enemies, those who wish us dead. The economies of our enemies are based upon the Petro-dollar; if we remove our dependence upon the economy of the Petro-dollar, and instead explore and sustain the idea of renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar, tidal and other not found sources of sustainable and reusable energy than, we will not have to be in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Killing and maiming people just based upon the idea that they might be where the “insurgents” are located, without talking first to the people who know the terrorists and where they are located, will become a thing of the past. Without the almighty Petro-dollar, to fuel the terrorists and insurgents hatred of the US, they would find it very hard to wage war against any people, themselves included. For without money, there would be no more weapons on mass destruction, no small arms to fight on the ground, not a single drop of blood would be shed based upon ideological grounds without the lack of money. This would also preclude the cabalist mentality, those who would wish to control the flow of oil and not look out for the interest of the planet.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I gree with your comments. Exactly what do they have to do with the headscarf issue?