Flash!-Saudi Women Can Get A Hotel Room!

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Trade has issued a circular to hotels advising them it is now permissible to allow a single woman to obtain a hotel room even though she is not being escorted by a male relative. This dramatic breakthrough in human rights comes after an exhaustive study by the Saudi Arabian Commission for the Propogation of Virture and the Prevention of Vice and the Commission of Tourism in order to determine if it was religiously correct to allow a single woman to actually get a hotel room or gain access to a furnished apartment.

They uncovered while doing the study examples of a husband throwing a wife out of the home and she being unable to even get a hotel room without special permission of the police. Now, that Saudi Arabia has entered the 19th century, perhaps it is time to take a crack at the 20th and even allow Saudi women the dangeous right to drive a car without having a male escort. Who knows, perhaps in the 22nd century women may even get a right to vote and become a member of the government. Of course, that would require the dictatorial Saudi government to actually conduct elections in which men could vote.