Fruits Of Terrorism Are Bitter

For years when suicide bombers blasted away in Israel or killed innocent people, millions in Arab nations like Syria cheered at death and destruction. Thousands of Muslims denounce Israel violations of human rights on grounds governments have no right to beat or kill those who oppose a government. Alas, that was then,  today is now. Suicide bombers blew themselves up at a security compound in the Syrian city of Aleppo. At least 28 are dead and hundreds are wounded. Naturally, the Assad government blamed “terrorists” for the act. Of course, the Assad government praises terrorists” who blew themselves up and kill Jews.

Even as the dead and wounded in Aleppo were being carted away, hundreds gathered in demonstrations which blame Russia for its support of the Syrian death and destruction program aimed at fellow Syrians. It would even be more powerful if Arab nations took a pledge not to have any business transactions with the Russian government as  long as it supports President Assad.