Gay Man Embarrassed in Wales

A gay man applied for a job as a youth worker listed by the Church of England in north Wales. In the interview he was questioned about his views on sex and told the truth about his gay status and convictions. All eight men on the interview panel approved him for the position, and sent their recommendation to the Bishop of the Hereford Diocese. Mr. Reaney said the Bishop interviewed him and inquired why he left his last position. Mr. Reaney explained his employer asked him to choose between his partner and his job, he chose his partner. The Bishop inquired as to whether he still had a partner or was he seeking a new sexual relationship. Mr. Reaney responded he was presently single and refused to discuss his sexual relations. He was turned down for the position.
Information from IC Wales April 15, 2007

Every time I read such stories I wonder if any male applicant for positions is asked about his love life and whether or not he is interested in getting a partner. Part of me wonders if the Bishop had some ulterior motive in asking if Mr. Reaney was interested in getting a male partner.