Gay Web Sites Attacked

The Chilean Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom(MOVILH) reports its web site has been cyber attacked by a skinhead group bent on creating disruption. The skinheads are known as “skinheads from Pintana” and are removing information from the MOVLIH website as well as placing derogatory comments.

I am continually surprised and amazed at the power of the skinhead movement throughout the world. I recall in the fifties when skinheads first made their appearance in England about ten years after the Nazis had killed one million people from Great Britain. They obviously envision gays and lesbians as some type of force that threatens their conception of what the world should be. But, why, of all ideologies do skinheads hanker back to deal old Nazism? That intrigues and confuses me.
Santiago Times June 7, 2008 “Skinheads Wreck Gay’s Website”