Gays And Lesbians In Australia Gain Rights

Gays and Lesbians in Australia won a major victory when Victorian MPs voted to allow lesbians, single women and infertile couples greater access to fertility treatment as the lowerf house voted 47 to 34 for the proposal. Rainbow Families Council spokeswoman Felicity Marlowe said, “For families like mine that are same-sex parented families i would mean better legal certainty for our children… getter legal obligations for their non-birth parents and more rights bestowed upon them… What we’d really wanting to see is that people understand that the spirit of this Bill is that the rights and best interests of children are upheld and we believe that voting in favor of it in the upper house will ensure that our chidren are not second-class citizens.”

We live in the 21st century where for the first time those of gay or lesbian orientation will have the right to enjoy the rights of other citizens.