Giving Birth– Must It Be In A Hospital?

Midwives in the Czech Republic are furious at legislation which bars them from assisting a woman to give birth outside of a hospital. The European Commission recognizes midwives, but not the Czech Republic. Birthing Centers which allow a woman to give birth outside of a hospital can only function if there is a resident doctor on staff.

Women have been giving birth to babies for thousands of years without requiring doctors. Midwives are among the oldest female professions and there are 5,500 of them in the Czech republic. Hospitals are wonderful, but for some women, they are scenes of horror and lack of a sense of intimacy they prefer when giving birth to children. Until there is evidence birthing centers are not performing their job or actual stories of incompetent midwives, why can’t women make their own choice as to who delivers and where it occurs?

  • alienz

    uhm, I think giving birth not only in hospital, but also in house is ok,