Each week we present headlines that appeared in the world press with out own commentary.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “The Fruit Vender’s View”
Don’t squeeze the peaches!

Turkey, Turkish Daily News: “Fishing on Both Banks”
I have a hunch not much fish will be caught if one fishes on the banks.

Sweden, The Local: “Free False Penises”
For the man or the woman?

Finland, Helsinki Times: “Melding Morality And Capitalism”

UK, The Independent: “I Fell In Love With An Assassin”
He shot an arrow into my heart.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Court Defends Nude Bathing”
For judges?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Intelligence Agency Admits Shoddy Iraq Work”
Shucks, I never would have known unless you told me.

Norway, Norway Post: “Norwegian Wind Farms In Scotland”
Someone is going to have to do an awful lot of blowing to get anything to Norway.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Husband Drags Helen Mirren To Brothel”
To watch or to work?

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Aussie Arrested For Breaking Into A Police Station”
It’s a lot easier than breaking out of one.

China, China Daily: “Police Ordered To Show Restraint”
His them on the stomach where the marks don’t show.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Hamas Slams Israel Tolerance Museum”
Not very tolerant if you ask me.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Santa Shortage This Year”
They’re working overtimes delivering money from Washington To Wall Street.

UK, Guardian: “Queen Defends Husband Over Wolf Row”
Let’s give her three howls for defending her hubby.

Sweden, The Local: “Police Solve 6% of Crimes”
That high?