Hillary Clinton And Terrell Owens-Trail Of Tears

The recent attacks on Senator Hillary Clinton because she allegedly shed a tear during a talk merely accentuates the biased approach toward women in politics. In a recent column, Michael Goodwin made sarcastic remarks that, if president, Hillary Clinton might use the power of her tears to get power in the world. At the conclusion of Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, wide receiver Terrel Owens broke down in tears as he described the loss by his team to the Giants. Not a comment was made by any reporter about his use of tears to express emotion. At most, Hillary Clinton shed A tear, but that was sufficient for male bias to explode in a torrent of anger at the female politician and accuse her of being weak.

By the way, after the game, New York Giant football players were crying, hugging, kissing and patting one another’s bodies. I wonder if reporters will now charge them with being effiminate and gay.