Homophobia Widespread in Workplace

In a recent survey commissioned by Stonewall, the gay rights group in England, almost one in six people in England have seen gay or lesbian colleagues being physically or verbally abused at work as a result of their sexuality. However, according to the survey, nine out of ten people believe it is necessary to have laws protecting gays and lesbians.

Alan Wardie, Sonewall’s Director of Public Affairs says, “We need strong messages from managers that homophobia will not be tolerated. He pointed out that the message is slowly but surely getting out to managers. Recently, Bob Whitfield, a management consultant, won a $500,000 lawsuit when it was suggested to him that he would “earn more money working as a rent boy.”

Slow, yes, it is slow, but we are witnessing a revolution in attitudes occurring within many societies. It is unfortunate that too many political leaders are not keeping step with people. I believe most Americans want fairness in the workplace and are gradually willing to accept the concept of gay or lesbian partnerships. I work with senior citizens and am amazed how many of them accept having grandchildren who are gay or going with someone of the same sex. This attitude was not alive and well in the thirties when we were growing up.
Information from The Independent