Hungary’s Dire Domestic Rape Situation

Amnesty International released a damming report that indicts the Hungarian government for failure to protect women. The report blames Hungarian authorities, male chauvinism, and lack of legal protection for women as causes of discrimination against women. AI said two-thirds of rape and sexual crimes committed in Hungary are by males known to the female, but few of these cases ever see the inside of a courtroom. Although rape is a crime, AI quotes a female Hungarian judge as stating she would be reluctant to report a rape, given the prevailing public attitude. ”I have worked as a judge for 20 years, but, to tell you the truth, I myself would not report rape because of the procedures, the attitudes, and social conventions.” She notes the victim must do the proving and the male ordinarily is viewed as innocent. This leads women just to avoid making public charges against the assailant.

Women told Amnesty International that despite their efforts, “in the end we are blamed for making it all up or lying.” It is also a prevailing attitude that marital rape is no big deal and little is done about it if a woman complains. A poll taken in 2006 revealed 32% of Hungarians said women were to blame in most rape cases, and 15% argued that a husband who forces his wife to have sex is not guilty of rape.

Although the Hungarian Ministry of Justice responded to AI in a letter, it offered the lame excuse that the victim played a major role in reporting rape and her personal presence was necessary in court if a conviction was to be obtained. Fellows, the reason women don’t step forward is because your police have to be pushed into action. Focus on the police, not the behavior of the victim.
Information from Budapest Sun