“I’m No Quitter” Says Sarah!

Sarah Palin is upset. Some people claim she has abandoned the trip across America because it has not attracted sufficient attention. I don’t know how this idea has emerged, I personally know two bears and three deer who await expectantly the arrival of their favorite butcher. How can anyone –other than Communist Liberals– utter such false words about a fighting American woman? Sara wants to make clear that she is not a quitter and intends to kill at least five bears and skin two deer to prove the point. OK, OK, so she left the job as governor of Alaska, but that was not quitting. It was simply sound economic policy since she could make twenty times as much money NOT being a governor of a state far off in some frozen area of the country. Sarah believes in FREE ENTERPRISE and if she turned her back on millions that would simply aid forces of GOVERNMENT CONTROL who do not want the wealthy to be wealthy. After all, this country was founded by the wealthy, it exists for the wealthy and any intelligent poor person knows the wealthier become the wealthy, the better life if for those who are poor.

So, you LIBERALS, quit picking on Sarah. The day one of you effeminate LIBERALS can skin a deer as fast as Sarah is the day she will quit, but not until that moment. So there!