In Honor Of Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs has resulted in an outburst of praise from Republicans and conservatives about this man who allegedly was a model for American businessmen. Sorry, fellas, Steve Jobs did not like corporate America and corporate America did not Steve Jobs. He constantly encountered problems working within the corporate environment which stifled creative thinking and concern for issues impacting the American people. He created a company that was people friendly and one in which the maverick mind could find a pleasant environment.

Steve Jobs is a model for modern America. We need more men and women who will experiment, fail, pick themselves up, try and try again until they get it right. We need those who will begin a corporation and make terrible mistakes, but never give up on experimenting and adapting to new conditions. Steve Jobs was the ANTI-WALL STREET MODEL.

I have a hunch that Steve up in Heaven is smiling at the men and women currently demonstrating on Wall Street against Wall Street. They are the children of Steve Jobs!