In Syria, Yesterday Is Not Today

President Bashar al-Assad met with yesterday with representatives of the Arab League and gave them assurances he would end violence in his nation and work to bring all Syrians together in some form of unified approach to restore peaceful government. That was yesterday. Today, Syrian tanks entered the town of Homs, blasted away, killed at least  seven people, and made certain everyone knows who is in charge of the country.

It appears Assad would have said anything, promised anything, just to get the  Arab League off his back. Reality. Assad has worked himself into a corner and there is no way to get out of the room alive. He killed too many, he wounded too many, he lied to his people, and few will ever trust this man. So, once again he lied. He must continue lying because any words of peace and reconciliation will never be believed.

Bashar, remember Saddam. Bashar, remember Gaddafi. Head for the first nation which will grant asylum and not extradite you back to Syria. A more certain way to live rather than send tanks into a city!