Is God On MY Side?

Those who believe God or Allah or whoever is up there in the sky have a propensity to believe their Supreme Being chooses up sides here on planet Earth. Christians slaughter a few million who are not Christians– with the blessing and encouragement of the Big Guy in the sky while Muslims engage in their killing exercises and Jews do their level best to keep up with the pace of hate and murder. At some point, a leader gathers together the faithful, and they get on their knees and pray to the Supreme Being. Actually, I have never figured out why He wants us on our knees.

Governor Rick Perry organized what he thought would be a 100,000 gathering of the faithful, but I guess they had a Devil of a time making it to the stadium and only 30,000 made it. Perry, who wants God’s blessing for his presidential run, called on the faithful: “Father, our heart breaks for America.We see discord at hand. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government and as a nation we have forgotten who made us and who protects us and who blesses us.”

Of course, THOSE PEOPLE who we term, ‘TERRORISTS” are praying to God to drop a few bombs on THOSE PEOPLE who are not their “those people” but “those people” of the other religion. I hate to inform you faithful, but God has a headache after listening to your hating speeches and has hopped a train to  another universe.