Japan,The Aging Society

Japan is rapidly becoming the most aged society in the world. At present, Japanese women live to the age of 85 and men to 78, but by the year 2055, elderly people will constitute 40% of the population and women will be living into their nineties and men will average about 83 years of life.

A more critical issue is the number of people who work to support the elders of their society. In Japan, there are 3 people working for every retiree, but by mid century there will only be 1.3 people working for a population in which almost half are retired.

Japan has avoided large scale immigration out of fear such people will alter traditional Japanese life and values. The Japanese are also investing large amounts of money into robotization since if you don’t want humans to do the work, then robots are the alternative. In one way or another, Japan may be modeling issues and needs confronting most post industrial societies during the second half of this century.