Jon Stewart Admits Being A SOCIALIST!

Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, was having a drink at a bar with Jon Stewart when this critic of his network made the startling admission that he was a SOCIALIST! Gee, that is a horrible thing to admit. Of course, Roger Ailes has absolutely no idea about the meaning of American socialism. Eugene Victor Debs who ran for president as a Socialist received nearly million votes in 1912, the equivalent of about four million today. And, the votes came from people born in the United States  of America! Oh, what was the platform of the Socialist Party:

1. Right of women to vote.

2. Control of Wall Street to prevent gouging of rates on railroads that farmers had to use in getting goods to market.

3. Direct election of US Senators.

4.  Right of workers to  form unions.

5.  Decent minimum wage laws.

6.  Laws to ensure safety at work, an important issue for miners and those working in factories.

7.  An end to child labor.

8.  An end to monopolies–an issue that Republican President Theodore Roosevelt fought for.

9. An end to war and getting colonies like in  the Philippines.

I wonder how many Americans today believe in these ideas??