Jordanian Women Push for Rights

Representatives of Jordanian women organizations staged a march on May 8th through areas of the capital city. The effort came in response to latest government modifications which permit allocation of females in municipal councils of up to 20% representation. According to Asma Khader, a lawyer, this is a first step in moving Jordanian women towards “authentic citizenship.” Amas al-Saket said, “The participation of women in the upcoming municipal elections is a milestone that will enable women to reach high public positions.”

The fight for women in Jordan is linked to the fight for female rights in Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey. Unless these Muslim societies engage women in all aspects of society it is doubtful if the fundamentalists can be halted in their drive to subordinate women. Unfortunately, Iraq was among the few Muslim societies in the Middle East which gave women extensive opportunities to participate in the economic, social, and political aspects of life. The debacle of Iraq seriously hurt female rights in the Middle East.
Information from The Daily Star, Egypt