Leave Your Country to Abuse Your Child

Pollsters from a Swedish company conducted a survey as to whether or not Swedish tourists once out of their nation were more or less inclined to physically abuse their child since such actions are illegal under Swedish law. They discovered that one in ten did physically abuse their child once out of the country.

I must confess to being surprised by this result since my life experience is that people in the role of tourist tend to be more cautious about allowing the outside world to intrude into their home situation and would not display open physical abuse to children. I am still shocked when I see a parent physically strike a child in a supermarket. It is not only that hitting a child makes me furious (I have never used physical force on either of my four children) but having the action occur in public really gets me ready to open my mouth and let the parent know what I think. I tend to avoid speaking for fear the idiot parent will take it out on the child.
The Local, June 4, 2007 “One in Ten Tourists Has Seen Signs of Child Abuse”