Marriage Law Changing in Chile

Current marriage law in Chile requires couples to enter into a contract in which their assets are merged and the male partner legally takes full financial control. Many Chilean women enter marriage without full awareness of this provision. Under new legislation currently being discussed in the parliament of Chile, a new status known as “communal assets” would confer legal status on both parties and provide for equitable division of all assets in case of divorce. The new law will require the government to conduct extensive education to make women aware of the changes.

  • kürtler


  • Margaret

    Your information is quite outdated.
    The original communal property law you cite (sociedad conyugal) was created in 1855, and Chilean women understand its ins and outs very clearly.
    The update you mention (separación de bienes) which separates the assets took effect in 1934.
    A 3rd option was put into effect in 1994 (participación de los gananciales) that combines the two options.

  • majka

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